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I have been watching the trailers looking to see what new shows you have, and I just wish you would go back to doing shows with full and complete "One on One" POV scenes where you have the guy doing every girl in the show in separate scenes. It's crazy how your non POV shows can have perfectly fine One on One scenes with the guy and the girl, but you ruin your POV shows by taking away from the feeling that we're there by having two girls at the same time, or you put a second guy into the scene, for no good reason. Many people like me love your One on One shows of the past, like DollCollector and SexyMachine. I don't really enjoy the extra people in the scenes, in the new shows. I like the One on One experience, and your newer shows always spoil that by having multiple girls or two guys with the girl in the POV shows. Can you please make a Dollector 2.0 and SexyMachine 2.0 show for people that enjoy your One on One scenes more than anything else? If I had to ask for something specific in these two prospective shows and all future POV shows you make, is that, I really want to see standing doggy POV scenes for every girl unless they are ridiculously short and it can't be done, even with heels. If it can be done with heels or shoes to make them taller, by all means please do that. Regular POV doggy is okay, but I prefer the way standing doggy looks in POV, so if you can make that happen, you will make a LOT of your members happy, not just me. Take care, and I hope you will respond soon. Have a good day.
from John · 293 days ago · 1 followers · 1 answer & 2 comments
Hi John, First of all, thank you for your detailed feeback about our product. As your opinion is really important for us our production team received your message and they will overview it soon. I'm sure our team will be able to use up your ideas in our upcoming shows. Kind regards, Ed Member relations
from Lifeselector Support · 287 days ago

More "A Day With...."

Possible actresses: Summer Brielle, Jillian Janson, Shawna Lenee, and also A Day With Amia Miley would be great. Im not sure of Amia's status but she just recently shot a b/g scene for another company so if she is available you should definitely get her.
from Will · 2 years & 118 days ago · 0 followers · 1 answer & 18 comments
Hello Will, Thanks for the suggestion, the list has been sent to the production team for a review. Regards, Tyler Member relations
from Lifeselector Support · 2 years & 113 days ago
I'd like to see "sequels" to the "SexyMachine" show and once it's done, the "Fuck Around the World" show. These POV shows are excellent in quality. Sorry that it's so long, but I wanted to give in depth feedback. An idea for a title for each would be "SexyMachine Version 2" and "Fuck Around the World 2" I have to say, I thoroughly enjoy the women talking in their native language in the "Fuck Around the World" show. I hope you consider making a sequel to it, maybe with a few new countries if possible, but new models from the existing countries you already have done would also be great as I'm sure there are models out there who would be great for this show. I'll let you decide that as trying to get specific people sounds complicated and probably causes a lot of delays in making the shows, especially if they are difficult to schedule into a show. Please keep this show "one on one" only, please for the sequel, try to keep the scenes one on one to keep it simpler. A position I would like to see more of in future shows is the standing doggy style position (for both vaginal and anal sex) unless the model's height is too short for the guy. But if she is tall enough, I and many others would appreciate something a bit different than the old standard doggy position if she is tall enough to get it from behind while she's standing both anally and vaginally. Note: I and many others would prefer this position to be done "one on one" with the model, not in a threesome scene. As for the SexyMachine I enjoyed that we got to have one model play two characters or the least wear two different outfits, so you get two different experiences with one model. So, all you need do is find models willing to do this show and play two characters and provide two experiences. I'll leave that up to you to decide which models you can schedule for this show. In general, this show is actually superior to your DollCollector show. Hopefully this helps. When do you plan on finishing "Fuck Around the World" anyway? You still have Australia and Southern Europe left. Then you can make a new show "Fuck Around the World 2" and start fresh with new models, some new countries, returning countries. Like the SexyMachine show it does deserve a sequel. One last thing, maybe you could put up projected date on when to expect the next update for shows like "Fuck Around the World". You could put it above the story text and just type it out like "Next Update is Planned for: " and just put the date there, and update the date as necessary. That way people can have an idea of when to expect the next update without having to constantly ask you through email.
from runner · 2 years & 118 days ago · 0 followers · 1 answer
Hi, Thank you very much for the detailed suggestion it sounds great and the production team will definitely appreciate and think about it! Kind Regards, Tyler Member relations
from Lifeselector Support · 2 years & 113 days ago

hospital pov

hi, a full pov scene in a hospital would be awesome ! but please not only euro- girls... get some real pornstars !
from thed · 2 years & 146 days ago · 0 followers · 1 answer & 5 comments
Hello Thed, Definitely an idea worth thinking about, thanks for sharing that with us. Regards, Tyler Member relations
from Lifeselector Support · 2 years & 145 days ago

A new show

Please make a show: a day with brooklyn chase. it will be the most rated show :P
from Jack · 2 years & 207 days ago · 0 followers · 1 answer & 1 comment
Hi Jack, Thank you for the suggestion, we will consider it! Regards, Tyler Member relations
from Lifeselector Support · 2 years & 203 days ago

A Full POV Show only with black girls

a full show only with black girls would be nice.
from Timo · 3 years & 24 days ago · 0 followers · 1 answer & 3 comments
Hi, We appreciate your show request, it has been forwarded to our production team. Best regards, Ed Member relations
from Lifeselector Support · 3 years & 19 days ago

give some free credit

from yazeed · 5 years & 97 days ago · 5 followers · 23 comments

Girl POV

I think there should be a POV from the girls POV, so you can take slutty decisions as a girl, or get raped, or stuff like that
from Lexi · 3 years & 149 days ago · 1 followers · 1 answer & 9 comments
Hi Lexi, Very interesting idea, thanks for shaing it. We'll pay attention to this and maybe we can implement your request in the future. Best regards, Ed Member relations 
from Lifeselector Support · 3 years & 147 days ago

Full Pov show with Time Travel

i like to see a pov show in which the protagonist falling back in time in the medieval or a other time and has sex with the girls but please not threesome scenes with other mens.
from Timo · 2 years & 346 days ago · 0 followers · 5 comments

More Asian models please

More Asian models, and more specific search tags for easier video look-up
from Gus · 4 years & 65 days ago · 0 followers · 1 answer & 7 comments
Hello Gus, Thanks for your valuable feedback/request. We are planning to add more shows featuring asian models in the future. In the meantime, please feel free to share any specific models you like. Regards, Mel Member Relations 
from Lifeselector Support · 4 years & 53 days ago

free videos

no credits needed
from chris eckert · 3 years & 360 days ago · 3 followers · 1 answer & 4 comments
Hi, there are many interactive shows on the site that you can start playing for free: A few examples include: Adventures of a Gardener Fuck that promotion! Wake up with Blue Angel Hope you like these free options to get to know our service. Regards, Ed Member Relations
from Lifeselector Support · 3 years & 360 days ago

New POV show idea.

I gave it some thought, and with how the Fuck Around the World show is still pending an Australian update with four girls, I came up with a new idea for a show. I thought of an idea involving a similar concept to the Fuck Around the World show. Instead of trying to fit all these international girls into one show, why not work on making individual shows that have different countries as a feature? You could turn it into a series called "Dreaming In", where the viewer is dreaming all these scenarios taking place, just trying to be creative. For example, You could make a show titled, Dreaming In: Europe. Then you could have a selection of 8 girls from 8 different countries all over Europe, similar to Fuck Around the World, but only focused on Europe for this show. Some examples for 8 potential countries are France, Czech Republic, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Poland, Netherlands and Italy. So how I would organize it is like this, in the Europe show, the selection of girls all over Europe should show what country they are from, and all the viewer has to do is pick the girl from the menu. Please keep these dreams as a "One on One" experience for the viewer who is watching the show. So no threesomes, no other girls, etc; It should just be a a guy representing the viewer engaging in various POV acts like your usual POV shows, with just the one girl per country. As for the content in the shows, Lets simplify it to this, first off, if the girl is fluent in her native language, please have her speak it during the whole show, during the tease section and the sex section, to the best of her ability. Please keep in mind, there are plenty of viewers that like to hear these girls talk in their native languages. Now onto the two sections for each girl. Tease section, where the girl will tease the viewer with the choices being Boobs, Butt or Vag. This section should also include the girl giving oral to the POV guy. Sex section, where the viewer has the choice of the following: 1.Missionary, 2.Missionary Anal (if the girl does anal), 3.Doggy, 4.Doggy Anal (if the girl does anal), 5.Standing Doggy (if the girl is tall enough), 6.Standing Doggy Anal (If the girl is tall enough and does anal) 7.Cowgirl 8.Cowgirl Anal (if the girl does anal) 9.Reverse Cowgirl 10. Reverse Cowgirl Anal (if the girl does anal) Lastly, I know you have people that enjoy when the guy finishes on the girls feet. So I offer a compromise, have 2 of the girls get it on the feet, 2 of the girls get it on the face, 2 on their boobs, and finally 2 of the girls getting it on the butt. So there are four different endings, rather than it being all feet. I thought I would offer this new idea. and maybe this will be easier to do than a new Fuck Around the World, because you can focus on specific countries within a continent, rather than trying to fit too many continents into one show. This way, you also will not be pressured to make updates, if you make each continent a complete show as I have described. I hope this helps and I really hope this idea gets made into a show. Take care, I hope to hear back from you soon.
from John · 1 year & 115 days ago · 0 followers · 2 answers & 1 comment
Hi John We are really appreciate your time and effort to write down your story idea. Please provide me your registerred mail addres and we will add 50-free-credits to your balance. I've forwarded your story to our content department Have a nice day! Tom   Member Relations - Life Selector  
from Lifeselector Support · 1 year & 112 days ago
Hi John I've added the free-credits to your account. Have a nice day! Tom Member Relations - Life Selector 
from Lifeselector Support · 1 year & 103 days ago

x-ray Vision 2

Loved the first x-ray vision story any chance of another one? mybe in this one you can control the power, imagine the fun one could have with that? keep up the great work!
from Ray · 45 days ago · 0 followers · 1 answer
Hi Thank you for your feedback. I've forwarded your showidea to our content department. Have a nice day! Regards   Tom   Member Relations - Life Selector
from Lifeselector Support · 42 days ago

A more structured POV show idea.

I would like to see a POV show like the following: The first POV show that follows this,you can call it "Virtual Models" First section, for each girl there should be a "Tease and Masturbation" section, where the girl would tease the viewer with each part of her body while talking naughty and use toys too. Each girl should do their scenes separately. For example, The first option should be "Breasts", where girl squeezes them together and plays with them while talking naughty to the viewer. Maybe rubs some oil or something on them. Second, should be the "Vag" option, where the girl plays with her vag while talking naughty to the viewer. Using a toy would also Third, is the "Butt" option, where the girl shows off her butt to the viewer however she wants to, shaking it, dancing it around, smacking it, whatever she's comfortable with. Using a toy to penetrate it if she does anal. All while talking naughty to the viewer. The second section should be the "Sex" section. This section should have a selection of all of these POV positions. Here's a list of all the positions I'd want to see in this show for each girl. 1.Oral, self explanatory, girl gives the guy oral while he's laying down. 2. Missionary, Missionary Anal if she does anal. 3. Doggy, Doggy Anal if she does anal. *4.If the girl is tall enough to bend over to get it from behind while standing, Standing Doggy, and Standing Doggy Anal if she does anal. 5.Cowgirl and Cowgirl Anal if she does anal. 6.Reverse Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl Anal if she does anal.
from John · 1 year & 159 days ago · 0 followers · 1 answer & 1 comment
Hi John, Thank you for posting this great idea with all of its details. Don't hesitate to send us more stories or feedbacks, they help a lot to our Production team. Thank you, Ed Member relations
from Lifeselector Support · 1 year & 158 days ago
just wanna see more of sandy. doing all the things she does best (totally shaved tho).
from dave · 5 years & 235 days ago · 1 followers · 1 answer & 3 comments
Dear Dave, Thank you for the feedback. We will notify Sandy and her producer who shot the show. Obviously if the demand is high, she will do more for you. Please feel free to specify exactly what you want to see, so that we can communicate this to her as well. Thank you! 
from Lifeselector Support · 5 years & 235 days ago
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