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A Full POV Show only with black girls

a full show only with black girls would be nice.
from Timo · 183 days ago · 0 followers · 1 answer & 3 comments
Hi, We appreciate your show request, it has been forwarded to our production team. Best regards, Ed Member relations
from Lifeselector Support · 178 days ago

give some free credit

from yazeed · 2 years & 256 days ago · 4 followers · 18 comments

Girl POV

I think there should be a POV from the girls POV, so you can take slutty decisions as a girl, or get raped, or stuff like that
from Lexi · 308 days ago · 1 followers · 1 answer & 2 comments
Hi Lexi, Very interesting idea, thanks for shaing it. We'll pay attention to this and maybe we can implement your request in the future. Best regards, Ed Member relations 
from Lifeselector Support · 306 days ago

Full Pov show with Time Travel

i like to see a pov show in which the protagonist falling back in time in the medieval or a other time and has sex with the girls but please not threesome scenes with other mens.
from Timo · 140 days ago · 0 followers · no answers or comments

free videos

no credits needed
from chris eckert · 1 year & 154 days ago · 3 followers · 1 answer & 4 comments
Hi, there are many interactive shows on the site that you can start playing for free: A few examples include: Adventures of a Gardener Fuck that promotion! Wake up with Blue Angel Hope you like these free options to get to know our service. Regards, Ed Member Relations
from Lifeselector Support · 1 year & 153 days ago
just wanna see more of sandy. doing all the things she does best (totally shaved tho).
from dave · 3 years & 28 days ago · 1 followers · 1 answer & 3 comments
Dear Dave, Thank you for the feedback. We will notify Sandy and her producer who shot the show. Obviously if the demand is high, she will do more for you. Please feel free to specify exactly what you want to see, so that we can communicate this to her as well. Thank you! 
from Lifeselector Support · 3 years & 28 days ago
please, hardcore with sandy. Other models to do hardcore if possible - sophie sweet or bambi (Zsuzsa Tanczos)
from Andy · 3 years & 24 days ago · 0 followers · 1 answer & 7 comments
Hello Andy, Thank you for the ideas on the models. We will notify the producers on your requests. We are sure that Sandy will do more shows, so stay tuned. All the best, LS 
from Lifeselector Support · 3 years & 24 days ago
Would love to see more of you beautiful girls wetting themselves, not in the 21extreme way though like all we have had recently (sorry hairy girls, old woman and fisting take the fun out for me). I would like it if you could mix some accidental and deliberate panty/jeans/shorts peeing with some options to pee in general.
from Jennifer Roberts · 2 years & 72 days ago · 0 followers · 3 comments

free credits

i want free credits without having to use a credit card to do that
from Bob Jones · 2 years & 125 days ago · 1 followers · 1 answer & 7 comments
Hello Bob, You can start playing most of our shows for free. If you'd like free credits, keep an eye on the members area of the website as we run free credit promotions for our members periodically. Hope that helps. Regards, Mel  Member Relations 
from Lifeselector Support · 2 years & 124 days ago


give at least 1000 free to start with
from wombat1236 · 2 years & 236 days ago · 0 followers · 1 answer & 9 comments
Hi Wombat, We are actually thinking about 10.000 :) Anyways, seriously we are implementing the free credit idea already. We just don't know the volume yet. Have a great day, Sol 
from Lifeselector Support · 2 years & 236 days ago

Make a list of shows where you left off

I cannot find a list with shows I started but didn't finish, making me have to look it up manually.
from siliconvalley81 · 230 days ago · 0 followers · no answers or comments

Ratings could be more detail

the ratings for each show could be more detail, I suggest into 3 types of rates: 1) Storyline , 2) Choice design 3) Models perforamce. I don't find those "top-rated" really appealing to me, but I liked some 3 or 4 star shows. It can help you analyze and also show motivations to your models/ staff.
from Boy · 1 year & 206 days ago · 0 followers · 1 answer & 8 comments
Hello, I'm glad to read your really useful idea. We're planning new improvements on our site and the more detailed rating feature could be a good direction. I forwarded your recommendation to our developer team - you can be sure, they will pay attention to it. We'll inform you if we have any news regarding this feature. Kind regards, Ed Member relations
from Lifeselector Support · 1 year & 205 days ago

Sorority secret #2

This is best game I ever played, it will be fun with one more day in school with more girl to choose.
from Mike · 1 year & 191 days ago · 0 followers · 1 answer & 5 comments
Hi, I'm glad to read that you enjoyed the 'Sorority secrets' show which one of our most popular games. Your feedback about a second show in the school is appreciated, we'll pay attention to it. Kind regards, Ed Member relations
from Lifeselector Support · 1 year & 190 days ago

More Asian models please

More Asian models, and more specific search tags for easier video look-up
from Gus · 1 year & 224 days ago · 0 followers · 1 answer & 6 comments
Hello Gus, Thanks for your valuable feedback/request. We are planning to add more shows featuring asian models in the future. In the meantime, please feel free to share any specific models you like. Regards, Mel Member Relations 
from Lifeselector Support · 1 year & 212 days ago

More shows!

My feedback is simple, I love the site but it has been months since the last update, lets get more shows!
from Miguel Sanchez · 3 years & 19 days ago · 0 followers · 2 answers & 4 comments
Dear Miguel, Lifeselector and 21roles is currently in beta mode. As our interactive game platform is a revolutionary product, we take our time to fine-tune the user experience and the processes before we go mainstream.    Shooting an interactive show is also super-difficult compared to the regular video-scenes and we would like to create a great user-experience. This is the reason for the limited beta.   Once we roll out with the final product we will update more frequently. We plan to add at least 1 new show per week in the future. Based on demand this update number could drastically increase of course.   Currently our sole production partner is 21Sextury via 21roles. We have teamed up with them to make the beta pilot project coming live. But we are working on to partner up with other producers as well. Right now around 10 different shows are in the works. We expect to add 5 more by the end of March from 5 different producers. We will roll out from beta phase once we have added these new shows.   There are shows in the works for example where the user could become a secret agent in Russia or where the user is a professor of a girl-institute or a trainer of a female cheerleader / wrestling team, etc. So we try to fulfill most fantasies.   For the final release we also redevelop a new player, and fine-tune the user experience.   But to answer your second question; if you have spent credits at an option or on a show, then you will never have to spend credits on that option/show again. You own that option in the show for lifetime. If you paid all options in a show, then you own all the show for life. All you have to do is to use the same e-mail address for accessing your account.   I hope I have answered all your questions, however if you would like to know something else, let us know. We are also open for ideas that you would be happy to see in the product.   Best, Sol  
from Lifeselector Support · 2 years & 359 days ago
Hello Miguel, We've been working hard to fine tune the system. We have totally rewrote the flash player to reduce bugs and also we were pushing the producers to shoot more scened. Site will be launched for bigger masses next week. 5+ more updates will be added therefore. And from that point weekly 1-2+ updates are expected. Hope it's good news. Thanks, Sol 
from Lifeselector Support · 2 years & 295 days ago
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